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BudCars is known in the Sacramento cannabis industry as having the best cannabis flower in town. If you need a recommendation, give us a shout. Talk with our cannabis strain experts and get a recommendation on hundreds of our cannabis products edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and more. Check out our FAQ page to get the details on ordering with BudCars.







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Get hooked up seven days a week with BudCars cannabis deals always happening. Ask anyone about BudCars and they’ll tell you how much they love our Sacramento cannabis deals. Shop, sort, and enjoy the best cannabis deals in town and get prompt delivery to your door.

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The BudCars delivery team runs on fast, friendly delivery service. Reach out to the team when you need us and find a polite, helpful friend on the other line. Check out our reviews and see the love people have for BudCars. If you ever have feedback we should know about, contact us directly and we’ll make it right.

  • Michael C. Avatar
    Michael C.
    5 star rating

    Hello.....I must say the truth these guys are very slow when you write them on their yelp message box. We... Read More -

    Yvette Reyes Avatar
    Yvette Reyes

    I love Budcars! The staff are friendly and helpful. I have never been disappointed with any product that I have... Read More -

    John A. M. Avatar
    John A. M.
    5 star rating

    Hello.........these guys are the best on this yelp when it comes to quality products. For fast delivery contact Highgradespecialists for... Read More -

  • Terrence Marr Avatar
    Terrence Marr

    Incredible service, super friendly and reliable not to mention discrete. Huge fan, huge selection there's nothing they don't have. -

    clarence uy Avatar
    clarence uy

    Have great customer, service good deals quality weed the also have a great variety to choose -

    John Williams Avatar
    John Williams

    Truly the best service I have ever used. The service, the selection and the speed are second to none. They... Read More -

  • James Mary Avatar
    James Mary

    Quick response via text.Text a pic of my med card and ID, made my order and got a few free... Read More -

    Vale Lamos Avatar
    Vale Lamos

    They always reply super quick and the delivery is always here in under an hour with a free joint every... Read More -

    Karlo Cuizon Avatar
    Karlo Cuizon

    Very impressed- excellent service!Called with questions, the guy was patient, helpful, and gave me a few recommendations. I got a... Read More -

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Get educated with BudCars educational posts. Learn how to use cannabis products, choose the right dose, choose the right flower, and get informed about important Sacramento cannabis trends.

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