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BudCars Weed Delivery is known in the Sacramento Marijuana industry as having the best Cannabis flower in town. If you need a recommendation, give us a shout. Talk with our Weed Strain experts and get a recommendation on hundreds of our cannabis products edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and more. Check out our FAQ page to get the details on ordering with BudCars.








“Does BudCars provide Marijuana Delivery Near Me?” BudCars currently provides Cannabis Delivery in Sacramento, West Sacramento, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, El Dorado Hills, Rancho Cordova, Carmichael, Arden-Arcade (Opening Soon – Los Angeles and Hesperia). If you do not see your city listed, keep checking, BudCars is growing and may provide Weed Delivery Near You in the near future!

We Have You Covered Sacramento!

BudCars Has Got You Covered Sacramento! We provide fast and safe same-day Weed Delivery in Sacramento including the cities of West Sacramento, North Sacramento, East Sacramento, South Sacramento, and the California State University, Sacramento Airport area! So no matter where you are in Sacramento, BudCars has got you covered for fast same-day Marijuana and Cannabis Delivery!

Weed Delivery Roseville

BudCars now provides Weed delivery near you in Roseville! No need to drive to a Roseville Dispensary to get your favorite marijuana products because BudCars Weed Delivery now delivers in Roseville. So place your weed order now online or by phone and have the best cannabis products delivered directly to your door in Roseville safely and quickly! When it comes to Weed Delivery in Roseville, choose BudCars Weed Delivery now delivering in Roseville!

Weed Delivery Citrus Heights

BudCars now provides same-day weed delivery near you in Citrus Heights! Now you don’t need to drive to a Citrus Heights Dispensary to receive the best Cannabis products because BudCars Weed Delivery will take your Marijuana product order online or by phone and deliver it right to your door quickly and safely! So when it comes to Weed Delivery Service in Citrus Heights, go with the best and forget the rest, go with BudCars Weed Delivery now delivering in Citrus Heights!

Weed Delivery Folsom

Need Weed Delivery in Folsom? BudCars has you covered! Don’t waist your valuable time and energy driving to and from your local Folsom Dispensary, order your weed online or by phone and get it delivered same-day! So why not spend less time driving around in Folsom and more time relaxing in your Folsom home while enjoying your favorite cannabis products!

Weed Delivery Elk Grove

Don’t have time to drive to your local Elk Grove Dispensary? Let BudCars bring the weed to you in Elk Grove! We deliver from dozens of premium Cannabis brands including edibles, flower, pre-rolls, vapes, tinctures and concentrate! So stop waiting time looking for weed in Elk Grove and order online or by phone! BudCars is just a mouse click or phone call away!

Weed Delivery Fair Oaks

BudCars delivers weed anywhere in Fair Oaks including the areas surounding Fair Oaks Town Center also known as Fair Oaks Village, and The Plaza Park Amphitheater where The Fair Oaks Theatre Festival takes place. So spend more time enjoying Fair Oaks and less time driving to your local Fair Oaks Dispensary and have your cannabis delivered same-day!

Weed Delivery El Dorado Hills

Want your weed delivered quickly in El Dorado Hills? BudCars will deliver your favorite marijuana products to your door in El Dorado Hills fast! Delivery time is typically 45-70 minutes depending on time of day and location. Feel free to give us a call to receive an accurate delivery time estimate. Get your Cannabis products delivered by BudCars and start spending less time driving to your local El Dorado Hills Dispensary and more time enjoying all the local attractions such as Promontory Park, El Dorado Hills Town Center, Dry Diggings Distillery, California Welcome Center, and EDH Brewing!

Weed Delivery Rancho Cordova

How about some weed to go with that wine? Rancho Cordova was named after the local Cordova Vineyard, so when your in need of some quality Cannabis in Rancho Cordova, don’t wine about it, get it delivered by BudCars! Besides, why spend precious time driving to your local Rancho Cordova Dispensary when BudCars is just a mouse click or phone call away? Save time with BudCars Weed Delivery and start enjoying more of the local Rancho Cordova points of interest such as the American River, Lake Natoma, and the Sacramento State Aquatic Center.

Weed Delivery Carmichael

Need Weed in Carmichael? Now you don’t have to drive to your local Carmichael Dispensary to get your Cannabis products becuase BudCars delivers in Carmicahel! Shop our easy to use online menu or order your Marijuana by phone. Pay for your weed online using Paytender or use your debit card when you order by phone. However you choose to shop online or by phone the best Weed products are just a mouse click or phone call away in Carmicchael!

Weed Delivery Arden-Arcade

Unable to drive to your local Arden-Arcade Dispensary? No worries, BudCars delivers Cannabis products anywhere in Arden-Arcade! That’s right, BudCars has dozens of the best Marijuana brands available for delivery in Arden-Arcade. So have your favorite Green delivered in a BudCars Green friendly and fueled Prius! Order online or by phone 7 days a week 7am -10pm and save money by using one of our coupon codes located on our Daily Weed Deals page!

Weed Delivery Hesperia (Opening Soon)

BudCars will soon be providing same-day Marijuana Delivery service in Hesperia! That’s right, no more having to drive to your local Hesperia Dispensary to get the best Cannabis products available! Now Hesperia Weed Delivery will be just a mouse click away! For fast, free, safe, same-day Weed Delivery shop online or by phone with BudCars, your Hesperia Weed Delivery experts!

Weed Delivery Los Angeles (Opening Soon)

BudCars Weed Delivery will be opening soon in Los Angeles for free same-day Cannabis Delivery! Unable to drive to your local Los Angeles Dispensary? No problem, BudCars will deliver your favorite Cannabis products right to your door anywhere in Los Angeles! The best Weed Delivery Service in Los Angeles will soon be open for business! We will be excepting Los Angeles Marijuana product orders for delivery online or by phone! And don’t forget to check out our Daily Weed Deals page for the best Cannabis Deals in Los Angeles!

Our Weed Products Are Always Fresh!

BudCars Weed Delivery guarantees the freshness of all our Weed products that we deliver! Did you know that the Freshness of any Cannabis product helps to preserve the THC levels? Yes, it’s true, the fresher the Weed the better it will maintain its THC levels! That’s why we here at BudCars Weed Delivery work hard to provide all our customers with only the freshest Weed products possible! BudCars Weed Delivery “Freshness Guaranteed!”

We Love Our Planet!

BudCars Loves Our Planet! In an effort help minimize air pollution and help keep the air that we breath clean, all Weed Deliveries are performed utilizing BudCars’s fleet of Prius’s powered by green energy to make all of our Weed deliveries in! So in other words, BudCars delivers Green in Green cars!

Enjoy more. Pay Less.

Get hooked up seven days a week with BudCars Weed Deals always happening. Ask anyone about BudCars and they’ll tell you how much they love our Sacramento Cannabis Deals. Shop, sort, and enjoy the best Marijuana deals in town and get prompt delivery to your door!

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The BudCars team runs on fast, friendly Weed Delivery service. Reach out to the team when you need us and find a polite, helpful friend on the other line. Check out our reviews and see the love people have for BudCars. If you ever have feedback we should know about, contact us directly and we’ll make it right.

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Get educated with BudCars educational posts. Learn how to use Weed products, choose the right dose, choose the right flower, and get informed about important Sacramento Marijuana trends.

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