Connected x Friendly Farms | Fuelato 1g Cured Resin Cartridge


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Friendly Farms
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Cartridge | Friendly Farms FF x Connected – Fuelato Cured Resin Cartridge 1 Review Delivery from GoTreez – Citrus Heights / Orangevale Pickup at Connected Stockton (48.6mi) Available from 2+ retailers $65.00 per 1g Quantity Add to cart “Reminiscent of the fire strains of the early OG from San Fernando Valley, Fuelato is especially nostalgic. It burns, waters eyes, and smells pungent, but you will love every second of it. Crossed between Gelato and it mysterious parent, Fuelato is a delightful hybrid that promises incredible potency, easy and balanced effects, and a suitability for anytime use not seen in a few decades. It is a bestseller. Independent laboratories test THC levels as high as 21 percent. Fuelato is a nice, fast-buzzing high loved by all who try it. It hits hard between the eyes initially, giving a powerful energy boost that uplifts, motivates, and turns one creative. This mellows into a strong body stone later, and in very high doses, even couchlock, certainly “munchies” and relaxing. It is a perfect social strain for home use.”- (Item Code: V2031)


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