Bell Ringer (Mylar Bag) 3.5g


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Bell Ringer by Khush Kush is a heavyweight indica with a complex terpene profile. Khush Kush’s renowned one-two punch Bell Ringer is a combination of Hindu Skunk and Stardawg mixed with the original heavyweight, Pre-98 Bubba Kush. In true indica fashion, Bell Ringer will stimulate your appetite and knock you out. The effects are weighted and euphoric, relieving physical pain while saddling the consumer with the aforementioned “muchy mania.” Enjoy Bell Ringer and its acrid, astringent, petrol aroma later in the day to maximize the strain’s sedative qualities. – (Item Code: F3086)


Fire Cut

Fire Cut is known for their "Super Grassy" OG’s –– among their award winning strain catalog. Fire Cut is a group of growers and friends working together to produce the highest-quality cannabis products and share them with you at a fair price.


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Bell Ringer (Mylar Bag) 3.5g