Friendly Farms x Connected – Rocky Road 0.5g


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Big Tree Industries LLC
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Friendly Farms
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Don’t knock it til you smoke it. This may not test high in THC or have the most powerful nose, but guaranteed it will be your new favorite to smoke because of the strong narcotic high you will get from it. Some fans even boasted that it was the strongest high they’ve gotten in a while. This strain proves never to judge a strain by it’s THC percentage. That complex lemon fruitloop inhale with a OG gassy exhale will blow a true connoisseur’s mind. Strain Genetics: Rude Boi x Gelato 41 – (Item Code: V1047)


Connected Cannabis

At Connected Cannabis, we’re not jumping on the marijuana trend in this country. It’s catching up to us. We’ve been living this life for years, because we believe in doing what you want. In freedom of expression. In pursuing happiness, and helping out others along the way. So we provide the highest quality recreational and medicinal marijuana products you’ll find. How do we know this? Because our toughest critics are ourselves, and if it’s not something we love it’s not going on the shelves. Ask our bud-tenders to help find the perfect match for what you’re looking for, and keep doing you.


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