Cake Walk 7g


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Kings Garden
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Cakewalk is a phenotype of a True OG and Forum GSC cross. These genetics produce a indica-dominant strain with a Cookies-like terpene profile, complete with sweet and spicy flavors resembling its OG heritage. A THC powerhouse with potent effects, Cakewalk is best consumed by experienced smokers. – (Item Code: F4008)


Kings Garden

As the original and largest cultivator in California’s renowned Coachella Valley, our promise is simple and true. To produce a family of perfectly consistent, creatively curated, superior quality strains of cannabis. All on a scale never been before accomplished in the industry. Guided by this deep-rooted commitment, we’re the #1 recommended brand by budtenders for new smokers. And it’s enabled us to empower anyone with the confidence and enjoyment of getting exactly what you want. To know and trust how it makes you feel. To elevate any experience beyond expectation. To Live Like A King.


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Cake Walk 7g